Russisk propagandaforbud nærmere vedtagelse

Rusland er kommet et væsentligt skridt nærmere et totalforbud mod udbredelsen af homofil propaganda rettet mod børn. Fra Russia Today:

Russia’s upper house, the Federation House, has approved a bill introducing fines for propaganda of non-traditional sex relations to minors, including in the media, on the internet and via viral adverts….

The controversial bill – which critics fear may spark a wave of  homophobia in the country – was approved by the lower house, the  State Duma, on June 11. The vast majority of the population – 88  % – is also in favor of the introduction of the ban, according to  a poll by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM)…

Under the bill, individuals will be fined up to 5,000 roubles  ($US 152) for such propaganda, officials will have to pay up to  50,000 roubles (about US$ 1,500) and companies – up to 500,000  roubles (about $US 15,000).

If law violators use the media or the internet for the promotion  of non-traditional sex relations, they will face even harsher  punishment. For instance, individuals will have shell out up to  100,000 roubles (about US$ 3,000), while organizations – a  million roubles or face a 90-day suspension of activities.

Foreign citizens or stateless persons who violate the ban will  face a fine or an arrest for up to 15 days followed by a  deportation from Russia.

The law also defines what is considered the gay propaganda of  non-traditional relations. It is the distribution of information  aimed at forming non-traditional sexual concept in children,  describing such ties as attractive, promoting the distorted  understanding of social equality of traditional and  non-traditional relations and also unwanted solicitation of  information that could provoke interest in such relations

Nu mangler lovforslaget blot at blive underskrevet af præsident Vladimir Putin for at træde i kraft.



Dette indlæg blev udgivet i homofili, Rusland. Bogmærk permalinket.

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