Øget genkristning af Rusland

I det russiske underhus arbejdes der i skrivende stund på en række lovændringer, der skal beskytte og styrke den naturlige kernefamilie. ““One should not forget that we all descend from 70-years of  atheism. Everyone understands what a Soviet family is. But a  traditional family is a tribute to the previous stage of Russian  history which had religious culture as a foundation of  society,” udtaler Yelena Mizulina, formand for underhusets komite for familieværdier.

Yelena Mizulina

Øget beskyttelse af børn mod internettet står bl.a. på programmet. Og videre ifølge Russia Today:

Other possible changes could include outlining priorities in  favor of traditional families and traditional family values.  These include the concepts that have been supporting the Russian  nation for over a thousand years – the union between a man and a  woman, several children in a family, families uniting several  generations and the deep connection between these generations.

The  lawmaker also noted that the traditional family is strongly  connected with traditional religions and that a family with many  children is considered a basic value and merit in the most  popular religions in the Russian Federation – Orthodox  Christianity, Islam and Judaism…

Other major issues are the inflated importance of the state  social services and their priority over biological parents and  the lack of equal protection for all sides, including children,  in cases of divorce.

Yelena Mizulina also promised to address the issue in which  cohabitation is often more attractive for young couples than  marriage. For example, the money allowance to single mothers is  currently five or six times higher than the state subsidies for  families with many children and some people choose cohabitation  for simple financial reasons.The lawmaker called such a situation   “a sort of a crime against the family institution, but not in  the legal, but rather in the historical sense.”

Genkristningen af Rusland synes ikke til at kunne stoppes. In hoc signo vinces.


Dette indlæg blev udgivet i Rusland, Tro, Yelena Mizulina. Bogmærk permalinket.

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