Vandski på velfærd

I 1964 proklamede den amerikanske regering en stor plan for det amerikanske samfund. Den nye orden kaldte man Great Society:

This Great Society is a mighty fine thing
Loafing in the winter and playing in the spring
Grovernment checks are gonna start any day
Says that fellow down Texas’ way.

Ski King towed on a worn-out rope
Daddy-O working on a corner boat
Crowds don’t gather as they used to do
When old Ski met his Waterloo.

Those fifty horses getting weaker every hour
Daddy-Y said: “We’ve done lost our power!”
Ski King said: “Daddy-O, hold to your seat
This Great Society shall put on us a beat.”

Daddy-O looked at King and said:
“There must be an easy way to earn a little bread.
Now I’ve heard tell that in ’65
This Great Society gonna keep us alive.”

Ski King pounded his chest and said:
“Makes a mistake, we gonna get fed.
No more trading at the country store
With food coming straight from the White House-door.”

“When government checks starts rolling in,
Daddy’-O, we’re in business again!
Water gonna ripple and waves are gonna fly
Let it go, Daddy-O, bye-bye-bye.”

“This old boat will move again
We starting using that high octane.
Classiest thing that ever been a-float
A shark-tuned Cadillac are pulling our boat.”

“If a check comes thru’ it’s gonna be tough
With brand new skies I’m gonna be rough.
If that water gets the best of me
We ain’t sweatin’ cause Medicare’s free.”

Daddy-O’s check should be a little more
That long-legged stork is coming to his door
He’ll keep it coming once every year
As long as that cash is coming in gear.

Mailman, what do you say?
Do you have any mail for me today?
My mailbox door is open wide
Just slide that poverty check inside.

Nummeret er skrevet og indspillet af rockabilly-sangeren E.C. Beatty, der i 1959 hittede med sangen Ski King om den kålhøgne vandskiløber det går så grueligt galt for.

Ligesom flere andre konservative musikere, der vendte sig mod USA’s voldsomme venstredrejning i 1960’erne, så måtte Beatty indspille sin protestsang under dæknavn.


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