Eksperter: EU skader Europas interesser

Sidste sommer bragte Voice of Russia er interview med økonomen Eleonora Tafuro fra den spanske tænketank FRIDE. Hun gjorde sig bl.a. nogle interessante betragtninger om USA’s geopolitiske position i den globale økonomi:

Trade with Russia has been a major source of growth for the last decade, this is a potential source of further growth for the future as well, whereas trade with America is much more stagnant, and the US power is really declining in terms of its relative weight in the global economy. In terms of the potential for future growth, this is very important.

Og videre:

There is an increased awareness of the machinations in the US geopolitical policy. For several decades now it’s been a fear of the US that the American economy would become marginalized if there were to be an increased trade within Eurasia which, looking at geography, should be the world’s economic core. Looking at geography, North America, in particular, is a peripheral location in the global economy. If you remove some of the barriers within Eurasia, than the potential for that emergence of this major core is immense. That’s what we’ve seen recently – the changing patterns of world trade both with Russia and China are growing very rapidly and there are potentially more links between these countries – between the EU, Russia and China. That would than become the world’s major hub web with the US left on the margins.

Eleonora Tafuro påpeger, at ved at deltage i USA’s økonomiske krig mod Rusland, så agerer EU mod Europas langsigtede økonomiske interesser.

Her for nyligt advarede demografer om, at EU ligeledes handler mod Europas langsigtede demografiske interesser.


Dette indlæg blev udgivet i Demografi, EU, USA. Bogmærk permalinket.

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