Peters om blodtørst

Jeg har ved flere lejligheder refereret til den amerikanske militæranalytiker, tidligere oberstløjtnant i den amerikanske hær Ralph Peters. I sidste måned holdt han et foredrag hvori han bl.a. kom ind på, hvordan Vestens kvindagtige ledere – “whose idea of violence was lacrosse at Princeton” – ganske enkelt ikke forstår mujahedinernes blodtørst.

Ralph Peters sagde bl.a.:

They’re utterly, psychological, practically, and factually unprepared to deal with the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood, let alone ISIS or Al Qaeda, and when you look at the atrocities committed by Islamic State, and increasingly by other terrorist affiliates and organizations who are competing with Islamic State for brutality, because everybody wants to outdo the other guy, what you’re seeing is joyous violence.

Og videre:

And for those who were always the outsiders, I’ll tell you, Islamic State has a brand that is now as recognizable as McDonald’s or Coca-Cola, and it is a very appealing brand, and those videos of burning a pilot alive, all the decapitations, all the executions of masses of Iraqi soldier prisoners, that is the greatest thing possible for these young, disaffected, pimply-faced, sexually dysfunctional guys living in mom’s basement, whether the basement is in Cairo or California.  I don’t know how to communicate to you how powerful the lure of violence is.  The most addictive substances on earth are not heroin or meth.  The most addictive substance is human blood.  It is absolutely addictive.

I Kenya har mujahediner fra Al-Shabaab netop slagtet mindst fjorten kristne og i Syrien har Islamisk Stat erobret byen Yarmouk nær hovedstaden Damaskus. De er beredt til massemord. Det er vi ikke.


Dette indlæg blev udgivet i Counter Jihad. Bogmærk permalinket.

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